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We offer a place for Fitness Professionals to Showcase their Products & Services

Our Leaders empower people of all shapes and sizes to become healthier, happier and more confident. We believe that beauty comes from the inside & to nourish & respect our bodies.

Find what Inspires You in Fitness

Discover what’s HOT & Trending

Get the best deals from our marketplace of Inspiring Leaders and Emerging Brands who care about you.

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What’s needed to be an Exhibitor?

To be accepted as an exhibitor you need to be passionate about your brand and demonstrate what makes your product or service unique. We are curating the highest quality exhibitors who seek to inspire others & help people live fitter, happier and healthier lives.

When accepted you create a profile (storefront like etsy or amazon), upload products/services and descriptions. We encourage you to upload a video story about yourself to start connecting with the people who need your help. The cost is completely free. We take 10% when a sale is made to invest back into marketing and matching your product or service with the right person.

What can I sell?

Both digital and physical products such as ebooks, online programs, video workshops, active wear, supplements & unique products.

What’s the Vision?

Our vision is to connect & empower people to live fitter, healthier and happier lives.

Our mission is match people through our community of inspirational leaders to products & services that ultimately change their life!

Our leaders believe in embracing your uniqueness (flaws and all!).

We want to encourage people to be happy in themselves while on the journey to improve their health and fitness!

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